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Our Services

We provide tax consultation, tax preparation, and tax representation (Tax CPR):


Tax Representation Services


We are federally authorized to represent clients in an audit with the IRS and other tax authorities. Audits may take the form of phone, in office, or on site audits.

Payment Negotiations

There are many plans available from the IRS to help clients to best meet their tax liabilities. We will review each situation and determine the best plan which may include an installment agreement, offer in compromise (OIC), etc.

Tax Preparation Services


A core specialty is the preparation of tax returns for individual taxpayers. Over the years literally 1000s of federal and state returns have been prepared and filed.

Business Tax Returns

Small business tax return preparation and trust and estate tax return preparation are core services offered to our clients. Our small business work focuses on sole proprietors and limited liability Schedule C businesses as well as S corporations. We prepare the appropriate tax returns to minimize the tax owed. Over the years, 100s of business federal and state tax returns have been prepared.

Tax Planning

Tax planning and tax forecasting services for individual and small business clients is a core competency of the firm. Effective tax minimization begins with long-term tax strategizing to establish overall objectives and is maintained with conscientious and consistent annual tax forecasting and mid-year tax planning.

Other Services